52 Ally McSteel

# 52


Number: 52

Likes: Cats, snuggling, glamping, megabed, apex jumps and chips

Dislikes: Being cold, running, biting my lip and beets

Athletic Background: All of my previous attempts at sport have been a failure. Roller derby is all I’ve got!

Awards & Accolades: Banger Sister’s Rookie of the Year 2012-2013, Rumble in the Valley tournament MVP award, FMDG Sweetest Moves Award

Positions: Jammer and Blocker

Year you started: 2012

Teams: Banger Sisters, Northern Lights and Supernovas

Hometown: Stewartville, MN

Real Life Job: Serious McLawyerson

Any Derby Related Metal? I am 100% made of McSteel