Congrats to the Supernovas at the Continental Cup!

North Star Roller Derby’s all-star team, the Supernovas, climbed the rankings this past season. All their hard work and higher-level play paid off when they were invited to the first-ever WFTDA North America East Continental Cup. This post-season tournament took place in Kalamazoo, Michigan Aug. 17 through Aug. 19 and showcased 12 tough teams playing in 15 bouts in just one weekend!

In their first game of the weekend against Charm City Roller Girls, the Supernovas took control and ultimately destroyed most predicted brackets as they won handily, 259-176. Proving that they were not to be discounted yet, the Supernovas set the tone for the weekend and next played their toughest opponent, seeded at No. 1 among the teams, Boston Roller Derby. The first half was a nail-biter as the Supernovas, ranked 56th, trailed and teased Boston Roller Derby, ranked 37th, with a halftime score of 78-120. However, Boston Roller Derby caught on to the pressure and the Supernovas ultimately lost, 276-145. Not to be deterred, the Supernovas played their last bout of the weekend against Columbia Roller Derby. The Supernovas’ jammers earned their all-star status with countless tricks and jumps as they ran away with an amazing final score of 256-154.

Left and right photos courtesy of Preflash Gordon

All of this season’s hard work has paid off and North Star Roller Derby is incredibly proud of the dedication and commitment of its all-star teams. While the travel season is now over, our 13th home team season is just around the corner! Keep an eye on our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for the start of our winter season at home in Minneapolis, Minnesota!