Teams & Staff

The North Star Roller Derby is composed of six teams Рfour home, intraleague teams and two traveling, interleague teams.

The four intraleague home teams include Bangers, Delta Delta Di, Kilmores & Violent Friends. These four teams compete against one another locally during the home season in pursuit of the coveted first place finish and a summer’s worth of bragging rights. The home team season typically runs late Fall to early Spring.

North Star is a member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). Member leagues create “travel” teams who play against each other in regional matches. WFTDA also publishes rankings and organizes annual championship tournaments for its members in good standing. North Star Roller Derby supports two interleague travel teams. The WFTDA Charter team, the Supernovas, bout to maintain eligibility for WFTDA rankings and tournaments. The B-team, the Northern Lights, competes against other B-level teams in bouts and tournaments that maintain and support athletic development although they do not count for rankings. Both travel teams work and train together.