2020 – 2021 Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan is a series of goals aimed at fundamentally improving our league for members, fans and our community, both on and off the track.


As the COVID-19 pandemic ended our 14th season early and forced our 15th season off-skates, our board and league leadership looked for thoughtful, tangible ways to evolve our league and strengthen our future.

Over the past year, our league members, our friends and families, and our communities have faced a worldwide pandemic that has changed how we live, how we interact, and how we skate; The murder of George Floyd and the uprising that followed galvanized how we address areas of growth for our league including inclusivity, equity and anti-racism work. We are continuing this journey and commit to it through this work.

We met over the course of the Summer of 2020 to determine how best to focus our energies and our resources.




It is critical to keep our mission top of mind as we embark on the strategic plan. It can be found on our “Bout Us” page, and is shared here:

North Star Roller Derby aims to build awareness and promote the sport of roller derby through training, community engagement, and competition at a local, national, and international level. Through advocating teamwork, engagement, and athleticism at all levels, we aim to empower women and non-binary athletes both on and off the derby track.




Our work is divided into four core pillars:

  • Return to Play
  • League Infrastructure
  • Relationship Building
  • Equity and Inclusion 

Although each goal is placed into a category, many of them overlap. We recognize that each of our goals influences and depends greatly on the others; therefore expect transparency, open communication and thoughtful discourse both within and from our league.


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Return to Play

Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, we will strengthen our league’s ability to practice, scrimmage, and bout in a safe and sustainable way. We will follow the guidance of WFTDA and our local public health officials to ensure that we put our league members’ health and safety first. As we return to play, we will secure a new practice space to meet the needs of our skaters, officials, and staff.

  • Manage WFTDA Return-to-Play/Risk Coordination communication.
  • Develop ‘Return to Play’ ladder/procedure that centers league members to better address inequities.
  • Retool athletics committees/work (Recruitment, Satellites, Training, Travel Team, etc.) in order to safely and effectively return to regular league activities.
  • Find a practice space that meets the unique needs of the league.
  • Secure a bouting venue space that prioritizes the mission and goals of our league.
  • Examine, invest in, and elevate all production events to maximize value, build community and market our programming.


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League Infrastructure

We seek to better serve our league members by designing and implementing new procedures and examine our current practices. As stewards of this amazing community, we understand the importance of protecting and enhancing the league’s experience whether practicing, volunteering, or competing.

  • Reimagine engagement within the league to address both return to play comfort levels, but also to grow general league involvement.
  • Define membership more clearly; consider membership types to improve involvement where desired.
  • Design and develop a standard approval process for communications including a request process for applicable committees.
  • Create a league Brand Book that clearly outlines material standards, messaging and values.
  • Develop a content calendar that holds our values at its center with actionable metrics.
  • Revise financial policies and procedures to maximize efficiencies and engage the league in finance.
  • Create an online store for merchandise to generate brand awareness and encourage wider sales.


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Establish New and Strengthen Existing Relationships

We create community both internally as a league and externally through our bouts and events. From the 2019 DEI report done in partnership with ReImagine Equity, we found ways in which our league culture can be more welcoming and inclusive to new and existing members. We will continue to grow in this work by developing equitable initiatives and partnerships that further connect us to our roots.

  • Establish new programs and initiatives that support marginalized or “othered” groups within the league.
  • Partner with external organizations whose values align with our own.
  • Increase ticket sales to achieve profitability, support league programming and build community.
  • Grow sponsorship program.


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Center Equity and Inclusivity

We commit to intentional time and resources to foster a league that is inclusive and equitable for current and new Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and Transgender, Gender-Non-Conforming and Non-Binary People. We denounce racism, transphobia, homophobia, and sexism; and we commit to centering this work across all of our goals.

  • Increase educational opportunities for league members outside of traditional practices.
  • Develop a scholarship program to support specific communities.
  • Recruit from inclusive communities to grow our membership.



2021 and Beyond

As we work on this ambitious plan, we know that it will take open, honest, and sustainable transparency and collaboration. Updates can be found on our social media pages and on our Damage Report blog.

We invite you to reach out to Board members, committee heads and team captains to ensure that your voice is not only heard but actively involved in the dialogues along with these efforts.


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