Satellites – Recreational Roller Derby

Learn, skate, and have fun. Roller derby skaters of all skill levels are welcome in Satellites. Whether you’re a retired speed skater or have never laced up skates, Satellites has a place for you!


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Satellites is North Star Roller Derby’s recreational program. This program provides an opportunity to learn and play roller derby without the time commitment or skill level required to play at a competitive level. The overall goal is to provide a safe place to learn, skate, and have fun for roller derby skaters of all skill levels. Whether you have never laced up skates or you’re a retired speed skater, Satellites has a place for you!


Sessions are typically 8 to 12 weeks long with 1-2 practices each week depending on your level of commitment. We host sessions in the fall (Sept-Dec) and winter (Jan-Apr), as well as a short summer session (Jun-Aug). There are no tryouts for Satellites! All skaters are required to be 18 years or older, purchase WFTDA insurance (~$80 per year), provide their own gear and proof of primary health insurance.


While all skill levels are welcome, Satellites are divided into two levels, so all skaters can learn with other skaters of similar skill.

Level 1

Level 1 is for anyone who needs to focus on basics. This level is strictly non-contact, focusing on strength building and individual skating skills.

Level 2

Level 2 is for skaters ready for contact. Sessions will include more work on refining the basics, as well as work on contact skills and skating in a pack.

Skaters ready to take the WFTDA minimum skills test may be eligible to join our recreational team, the CosmosCosmos plays full-contact roller derby, and its members are mainly retired skaters, skaters who have gone through NSRD bootcamp, skaters who have played with other leagues or are experienced Satellites ready for the next level.



For more information on Satellites, please email or follow us on Facebook for the latest updates!


Photo: Grin Reaper

Photo: Grin Reaper










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