Tryouts & Clinics

Space Camp 2024

Space Camp is our new summer roller derby training program is designed to get new skaters ready for joining a competitive home team in the fall!

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Recruiting Clinics

Want to prepare for tryouts? Interested in becoming a referee? We can help! At the close of each home team season in the spring, NSRD hosts recruiting clinics, which are open to skaters of all skill levels. This is a place to learn the basics or brush up on your skills before tryouts. We work closely with all new recruits before tryouts to ensure no one is blindsided by what we are looking for.

To attend clinics, participants need to be 18 or older, provide proof of primary health insurance, and have all proper gear (quad skates, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, mouth guard, helmet). Each clinic has a $5 drop in fee. Follow us on Facebook for the newest information on recruiting clinics in the spring!

Click here for more info and registration for Spring 2024 clinics.


Each year in late spring or early summer, NSRD holds tryouts for people interested in becoming a competitive skater on a home team, or anyone interested in becoming a skating official. (Go Team Zebra!) Like clinics, we require all attendees to be 18+, provide proof of primary insurance, and have all required protective gear.

tryoutsWhile many of our recruits have prepared for tryouts at our skating clinics or participated in Satellites, all are welcome to try out, regardless of experience or skill level. Hard work, passion, and determination can be just as attractive to captains as fancy footwork or physical prowess. At tryouts, skaters will be run through a series of drills, which will be tough but rewarding! Home team captains will assess skaters on a number of attributes including athleticism, skating skills and attitude to determine who will make it into our summer training program that we lovingly refer to as NSRD Bootcamp. For those who complete NSRD Bootcamp and fulfill all requirements, we have a draft at the end of the summer. It is a long process with a big time commitment, but it is worth it!

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