Meet the Rookies: Delta Delta Di

Delta Delta Di’s new logo isn’t the only addition to the team this season. Get to know some of the newest members of this glittery secret society!

Sunny OhNo of Delta Delta Di

Sonny OhNo

Tell us about your derby name!

My birthday is on the winter solstice (the shortest day of the year) so my parents would joke about naming me Sunny. I always like that name and used to use it as a fake name in college for fun. When it was time to pick a derby name I found a way to combine that with my love of old music (Sonny Bono).

What did you enjoy most about bootcamp?

The intensity at practice definitely increased a lot from satellites, so my skills increased super fast. Also being able to scrimmage was super fun!

What did you enjoy the most about your first bout? Were you nervous?

I was SO nervous. I was even shaking a little bit! But having all of my friends there to watch me skate was so fun.

What have you learned from the Deltas so far?

I’ve learned so much about blocking from the Deltas. The few players that couch practices are so good at explaining skills in a way that really resonates with me. Also getting to work with a set group of people has allowed me to really start to understand how they play and how to work together.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

 I worked as a zookeeper for a few years after college. Made friends with a lot of lions, tigers, and bears.

ReBEAST of Delta Delta Di


What drew you to roller derby? How did you find out about NSRD?

I learned what roller derby was when I learned about NSRD. I met my best friend for a drink at a distillery where some league members had just held a promotional event. Feeling bold after a drink or two, we signed up for Satellites together. I still didn’t really know what roller derby was until I went to my first bout. Watching it was mind-blowing. As the kid who got more of a workout flinching in gym class than participating, I never imagined myself actually playing. But derby spoke to me: it’s more than just a sport to me, it’s a community, it’s an identity, it’s therapy.

What was it like transitioning to league from bootcamp?

Transitioning into the league kinda reminded of that first day of freshman year of high school– without the teenage angst.  Like, you’re ready for that next challenge, but then whoa, the seniors are like adults, your friends are in other classes, and everyone is so advanced. But eventually, you start to learn, and grow, and make new friends, too! Kinda like that, but way better because it’s derby, not high school, and we’re adults and can make choices like having cake for dinner while paying the bills.

What did you enjoy the most about your first bout? Were you nervous?

I enjoyed experiencing how our team comes together, and being a part of something I had once watched from the sidelines. I think I was nauseated all the way till the end of our first game. But it was so fun, and it went by so fast!

What have you learned from the Deltas so far?

We have an abundance of gifted players and coaches who are generous with their knowledge, creativity, and support. I’m always learning from the Deltas, from skating skills, to properly glittering up, to the magic and importance of teamwork.