Welcome to the New Damage Report Blog!

North Star Roller Derby would like to introduce you to our new blog, the Damage Report!

As we close in on our 13th season, we’ve realized it’s time to update the way we communicate with our fans. As you may know, we’ve been sending out a monthly newsletter, The Damage Report, to folks who had signed up to receive it. We will now be transitioning that communication to a blog, right here on our website.

Why are we making this change? We want our news and updates to be easily available to everyone, not just those who’ve signed up for the email newsletter. The blog will also allow us to share more updates more often, keeping you up-to-date without flooding your inbox. Plus, the information we share will live in an online archive so fans and skaters can look back at specific topics.

What can you expect from the Damage Report blog? Updates on our home season, travel teams, bout recaps, Satellites, upcoming events, announcements, and more! And it will all be just a few clicks away.

You can also follow North Star Roller Derby on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for updates, announcements, and shenanigans.