h011a Baller

# h011a



Number: h011a

Likes: Chicken wingz, Adventure Time, french fry hot pantz, kittyz, sick beats, cotton candy cosmos and cuddles

Dislikes: haterz

Athletic Background: Breakdancing, skateboarding, crossfit, hockey training at Acceleration and I am a choreographer

Awards & Accolades: BAMF award 2014, Most Improved Delta 2014, Most Spirited Delta 2013/2014 and Derby Crush: Iron Doll Maiden bout 2014

Positions: Jammer, Pivot and Blocker

Year you started: 2012

Teams: Delta Delta Di and Northern Lights

Hometown: MN baby

Real Life Job: Actor, choreographer, teacher, Urban Outfitters housewares Team Lead, Lucias barista, babysitter of Q and B – my biggest fanz

Any Derby Related Metal? I have no metal holding me together- just my teammates

Anything Else You Would Like to Share with the Class? Thank u SHAMELESS for sponsoring me. srsly. u r tha BEEESSSST!

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