Sour Kraut

It’s not okay!


Derby Nickname: Kraut
Real Life Job: Accountant 

Teams: Officials
Athletic Background: Some basketball until high school and I realized I wasn’t good at it 🙂 
Most Memorable Derby Moment: Winning my first MVP Blocker award while skating with Mankato Area Derby against Sioux Falls Roller Dollz
What’s Your Bout Day Routine?: I have some travel time to get to events so I like to plan a little extra time to find a coffee shop (prefer a locally owned one) and check into the venue with a hot cup of coffee
Any Derby Related Metal: No, knock on wood it stays that way!! 
Favorite Derby Moment:  Being accepted to officiate Uff Da Palooza 2019

Favorite Movie Genre: Comedy 
What Actor Would Play You in a Movie of Your Life?: Lauren Graham- I talk too fast for anyone else to keep up with
Favorite Movie Quote / Line: “Superstar!”