Announcer Wilhelm Scream


“Good evening, North Star Nation!”

Number: 1951
Nickname: Scream
Hometown: Appleton, WI
Real Life Job: Stay-at-home parent

Team(s): Announcer
Most Memorable Derby Moment: I’m always adding to this. Calling an overtime game between Bear City and Pirate City at Pittsburgh D2? Calling a nail-biter between Minnesota and Atlanta at Dallas D1? Watching Rose City break Gotham’s unbeaten streak at 2015 Champs? Right up there is my first time ever calling for North Star Roller Derby, back in the MCC.

Favorite Movie Genre: Horror, followed closely by comedy
What Actor Would Play You in a Movie of Your Life? Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Favorite Movie Quote: “I’m a reasonable guy. But I’ve just experienced some very unreasonable things.” – Jack Burton, Big Trouble in Little China