86'd Foxxy Soxx

# 86'd


It’s time to get Foxxy!


Number: 86’d
Pronoun: She/Her
Nickname: Foxxy
Team(s): Violent Femmes (current), Officials/Team Zebra (2015-2017)
Special Roles/Responsibilities: Safety

How long have you been with Northstar? Since 2015!
What brought you to roller derby? I used to play D&D with a former NSRD skater who introduced me to the modern revival of the sport – and after going to a few games I thought “that looks like lots of fun; I think I could do that”! I reached a point in my life where I really wanted to challenge myself, do something other than the usual day-to-day, and be a more rad role model for my daughter. Spring of 2015 rolled around and I decided to stop making excuses, get some gear and signed up for training clinics. Best. Decision. Ever.
Likes: Big fluffy cats, Video Games, Wandering in the woods
Dislikes: Wet socks, Centipedes, Loud chewing noises