86'd Foxxy Soxx

# 86'd


It’s time to get Foxxy!


Number: 86’d
Nickname: Foxxy
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN (Nordeast)
Real Life Job: Certified Veterinary Technician

Team(s): Violent Femmes (current), Officials/Team Zebra (2015-2017)
Athletic Background: Some Volleyball, Badminton and doing some seriously dangerous stuff on bikes in my younger days (I was a crazy kid, and have the scars to prove it).
Most Memorable Derby Moment:My team becoming NSRD CHAMPIONS my rookie season!

Awards and Accolades: 2018 Violent Femmes Most Improved
What’s Your Bout Day Routine? Sleeping in, drinking an obnoxious amount of coffee, having a snack, checking my gear (then double-checking everything before I leave the house), and getting my nerves under control with some hype-tunes!
Any Derby Related Metal? None from derby (*KNOCK ON WOOD*) – just some temporary bits from clumsy youth-hood

Favorite Movie Genre: Horror and Sci-Fi
What Actor Would Play You in a Movie of Your Life? Natalie Dormer (she rocks my hairstyle)
Favorite Movie Quote: “Look, it’s been swell, but the swelling’s gone down.”¬†– Tank Girl