101 Luella De Vil

# 101


Doggone it! ūüėČ


Number: 101
Nickname: Lu, Lulu, or Luella
Real Life Job: Mental Health Case Manager

Team(s): Kilmores
Athletic Background: I participated in volleyball, danceline, and softball in high school. I was also ijun studio dance for 12 years. I played intramural broomball, lacrosse, and varsity track & field (as a thrower) in college.
Most Memorable Derby Moment: When I first learned to skate backwards. I was all in my head about it. I finally got it once I chilled out and stopped fretting over it. It’s when I learned that roller derby can be challenging both mentally and physically.
Any Derby Related Metal? Zilch

Favorite Movie Genre: Does Disney count?
Favorite Movie Quote:¬†I’m awful at remembering movie quotes and song lyrics. Mean Girls quotes are literally the only movie quotes that I know.