101 Luella De Vil

# 101


Doggone it! 😉


Number: 101
Pronouns: She/Her
Nickname: Luella
Team(s): Kilmores
Special Roles/Responsibilities: Safety, Co-Head of Human Resources, Human Resources Representative – Kilmores

How long have you been with Northstar? September, 2018
What brought you to roller derby? I first learned about roller derby in high school when my aunt (DochtĂșir Dona, an NSO for NSRD) brought me to me first bout. It was actually a NSRD bout! Approximately 7 years later, a good friend in my graduate school program (Huckleberry Gin, who now skates for the Dallas Derby Devils All-Stars and the Texas All-Star Roller Derby Team 2022-2023) convinced me to try out for the Mankato Area Derby (MAD) Inc. I made the team in 2016 and skated with MAD for about 2 years until I moved to the Twin Cities. It was an easy choice to go back to where it all began and try-out for NSRD.

Likes: Collecting hobbies, Organizing, and Ice cream
Dislikes: Searching for parking, Malfunctioning or slow technology, and Commercials