Bench Staff Marge Hadron Collider

Bench Staff

Marge Hadron Collider, Kilmore Girls, North Star Roller Derby

Is everybody okay?!

Number: 85
Nickname: Marge
Hometown: Brookings, SD
Real Life Job: Research Scientist

Team(s): The Kilmores
Athletic Background: Competitive Speeching
Awards and Accolades: Best Asset 2010-2011; KG Spirit 2011-2012; Team Roll Model, Team Ol’ Faithful 2015-2016
Most Memorable Derby Moment: Going 3-2 with the Kilmores during my last season as a skater
What’s Your Bout Day Routine? I always start the day with Tacos and then I get real anxious about nothing.
Any Derby Related Metal? Have you seen my leg? There’s a plate and a bunch of screws. My mom was hoping I’d retire after that. Nope. Five more seasons after that one.

Favorite Movie Genre: Give me an awesome montage set over slightly cheesy music and I’ll love it.
What Actor Would Play You in a Movie of Your Life? Probably Rebel Wilson. At least, I hope so.
Favorite Movie Quote: “Help me, I’m poor.” -Bridesmaids