15 GiGi Whiz!

# 15


This party sucks


Number: 15
Nickname: Gigi
Hometown: New York Mills, MN
Real Life Job: Costumer

Team(s): Violent Femmes, Supernovas
Athletic Background: Nope
Most Memorable Derby Moment: Coming back from a jammer insubordination penalty to “totally dominate the jam!”
Awards and Accolades: 14-15 Bangers HHNQ, 15-16 ACTion Award, 15-16 Bangers Ole Faithful
What’s Your Bout Day Routine? Reconsider my decisions
Any Derby Related Metal? Aluminum plates, trucks, bearings, yada yada yada

Favorite Movie Genre: Espionage!
What Actor Would Play You in a Movie of Your Life? Matt Damon
Favorite Movie Quote: “This is my art, and it is dangerous! Do you think I want to die like this?”