1300 Katarina Hit

# 1300


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Number: 1300
Nickname: Grammatrina
Hometown: Saint Paul, MN

Team(s): Banger Sisters, Supernovas
Athletic Background: Figure skating, tap dance
Awards and Accolades: Rookie of the Year, 2008; Best Attendance, 2008; Photo Hog (photographers’ award) – Banger Sisters, 2008; Banger Sisters Most Valuable Jammer, 2009; Fan Favorite (Banger Sisters), 2009; Most talkative on the league, 2009; Most Valuable Jammer, 2010; Fan Fantasy Line Up – Jammer, 2010; Fan Favorite Projectile (skater you’d most like to fall on you), 2010; Best Smack Talker, 2010; MVP Triple Threat, 2012; Most Valuable Jammer, 2011; Shooting Stars (photographers’ award) – Supernovas, 2011; Best Jammer, 2013; Bangers BAMF, 2013; Best Jammer, 2014; Bangers BAMF, 2014; Bangers Team Spirit, 2015; Fan Favorite Blocker – Banger Sisters, 2016; Supernovas Jammer award vs DC, March 6, 2011; MVP Award for the Supernovas in Lincoln, NE, March 31, 2012; MVB (Blocker) Award for the Supernovas in Sioux Falls, SD, September 5, 2014; MVB (Blocker) for the Supernovas vs Ann Arbor, June 11, 2016; MVB (Blocker) award for team Holiday Hams at Thanksgiving Scrimmage, Nov. 27, 2011, in Dulles, VA
Most Memorable Derby Moment: Here it is in gif form!
Any Derby Related Metal? 1 broken ankle, no metal

Favorite Movie Genre: Star Wars, Disney, overwrought historical romances/costume dramas
What Actor Would Play You in a Movie of Your Life? Jennifer Lawrence
Favorite Movie Quote: “Now let’s blow this thing and go home.”