Bench Staff Ida Kildher

Bench Staff

Ida Kildher, Travel Team, North Star Roller Derby

You have a job to do.

Number: 99
Nickname: Ida, Ida-mom
Hometown: Lakeville, MN
Real Life Job: Molder of minds and bodies.

Team(s): Violent Femmes (2006-13), Supernovas (2009-2016; present), Delta Bench Coach (2014-present) Staff – Interleague Coordinator

Athletic Background: Running, Kickball, Personal Training, Softball, Basketball
Awards and Accolades: I was given MVP jammer or blocker in a few travel team bouts and some Strategizer team awards at the end of the season. Though the ones that mean the most to me are League Motivator and League Trainer awards my league mates chose me for.
Most Memorable Derby Moment: Tie between winning the last travel team game I ever played in Kalamazoo and coaching the travel team at Continental Cup. Both were tremendous team efforts that resulted in amazing things.
What’s Your Bout Day Routine? People have those? Coffee. Definitely Coffee. And coming up with ideas for locker room motivational speeches.
Any Derby Related Metal? Nope.